Are you an Expert in your field?

We’re looking for a variety of different Experts to be a part of the AssistAR Marketplace. 

Innovate your business and deliver your skills digitally

Whether it’s Inspections, Consultations, Diagnostics, Advice, or assisting your client through Remote Repair & Maintenance, Remote Visual Assistance can transform your business. 

What is your area of expertise?

Can your skills be delivered remotely? Take a look at the examples below and get started with AssistAR.

Home Electrical

General Inspections

Furniture Assembly

Planning & Landscaping

Motor Maintenance

Home Plumbing

Network Engineer

Appliance Assistance

Computer Repair

What are the benefits of AssistAR?

AssistAR is a subscription-based service that allows Experts to connect with their customers using Remote Visual Assistance. Here are some of the benefits that the service will have on your business: 

Create a lucrative new revenue stream from profitable 'micro-sessions', increase profit and reduce travel time and abandoned call outs.

Futureproof your business and continue to deliver your services during Lockdown and social distancing restrictions.

Differentiate your business with Remote Visual Assistance technology that improves customer satisfaction.

We use an automated booking and payment system to reduce your business admin, so you can focus your time where it matters.