Remote Inspections and Audits with Remote Visual Assistance.

Learn how Remote Visual Assistance technology can help to digitally transform your business by adding Remote Inspections and Audits to your service.  

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What is a Remote Audit?

A remote audit is comparable to a face-to-face audit, but instead an auditor can carry out an external audit remotely, through the use of Remote Visual Assistance technology. Remote Inspections and Audits are as thorough as typical on-site audits and can cover premises tours, document review, worker interviews and presentation of findings, but allows the auditor to conduct the audit through a various AR and technology features, all whilst working remotely.

What are the benefits of Remote Inspections and Audits?

Remote Visual Assistance, the technology behind remote audits, has excelled in the past year, with many new advances on the horizon. Here are a few key benefits of remote audits:

Remote Inspection and Audit tools

Key features of Remote Inspections and Audits

Remote Visual Assistance has a number of unique AR interaction features, but here are a few that stand out for remote audits:

Generate Reports

Automatically generate and download a PDF report at the end of a session. This will contain the chat log and all images captured during the session.

Image Bookmark

Captured images can be bookmarked and tagged with pre-determined phrases, such as 'faulty'.

Add Participant

Additional or multiple participants can be added to the session, great for when an auditor may want to add a colleague for support, regardless of location.

Quick, efficient and effective

Our Remote Visual Assistance solution works entirely in your browser with no app download necessary, for neither you nor your clients. It easily integrates out-of-the-box with many key CRMs and has an open API, enabling you to sync data with all your key business applications. 

Simply send an SMS or WhatsApp link to their smartphone to start the session.

More advantages of Remote Inspections and Audits

Advancing Technology

Different to Zoom, Teams and other methods of video call, AssistAR is specifically designed with many AR features that enable the host to communicate and guide the client without confusion or frustration. Without these features, a video-only session is not suitable for remote assistance or guidance in technical situations. 

Remote Communication

One key benefit of remote inspections and auditing is the ability to enable professionals to share data, observe environments, and bring in additional colleagues when needed.

Employee Well-being

The traditional, on-site method of auditing and inspections, can potentially result in physical and mental burnout for the employee, primarily due to carrying out several audits over the week, hours of travelling and writing multiple different reports. Remote Visual Assistance can help in several ways here. Audit and inspection reports can be automatically generated at the end of the session, pulling together all media gathered during the inspection, plus remote inspecting can be completed from any location, providing a comfortable and safe alternative.

Saving Travel Time and cost

Remote inspections and audits can eliminate the time spent commuting to and from the site, allowing companies to reduce the amount of money spent on fuel and other employee expenses typically connected to travelling (i.e, overnight stay and food costs). 

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