Terms & Conditions

AssistAR to Experts

This document outlines the AssistAR terms of service with Experts.

AssistAR to Service Users

This documents outlines the AssistAR terms of service with Service Users.

Experts to Service Users

This document outlines the standard terms of business for the supply of services by experts via AssistAR.

Special Offer Terms & Conditons

The following terms outline the standard terms of business for individual marketing offers and campaigns:

£30 Expert Introductory Offer:

  • The £30 Expert Introductory offer is a reduced per month cost that we are offering to newly signed-up Experts in our initial launch phase of AssistAR.
  • Charges: £30 per month (excluding VAT). This is instead of the usual £65 per month (excluding VAT)
  • Duration: The discount will be applied for 12 months, after that Experts who wish to continue using the service will need to pay at the regular rate (£65 per month or £660 per year – excluding VAT) 
  • How to claim: The discount will need to be applied manually by the AssistAR team, so please email [email protected] or call 0808 168 4400 to claim the offer.
  • Offer ends 30.09.2021
  • Depending on popularity we can withdraw or extend all offers
  • All offers valid on new Expert sign-ups only